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On the 20 th of February 2018 John Boyd MBE passed away aged 92.
Mr Boyd started his millinery career soon after the Second World War, in a tiny basement
studio in his flat in London, sleeping under his work table. This was a time when a woman
wouldn’t leave the house without a hat, and at ‘cocktail hour’ ladies would put on their best
dress and jaunty hat to socialise.
He had been collecting millinery materials all his life, even during the war when he was in
the Navy and travelled around the British coast he would visit little shops in various small
seaports and would use free time to buy old trimmings such as braids and ribbons for future
use. His Knightsbridge atelier is brimming with these treasures which are still used today to
create beautiful and unique hats. The John Boyd aesthetic is recognisable as stylish and
original, modern designs which are inspired by the elegance of past eras.
John Boyd Hats is continuing under the guidance of Sarah Marshall, who has been working
with John Boyd and learning his style and techniques for the last 13 years.

“I like to design for the women’s unique and individual look, regardless of time or fashion. The face dictates the hat”.  – John Boyd

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